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materia_100's Journal

Final Fantasy VII drabble community
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Welcome to the 100-word Final Fantasy VII drabble community.


+ Every monday a new challenge/topic is posted, and members can post drabbles of that theme until the next challenge is posted. While as you can see in the name, drabbles are intended to be 100 words, there's a margin of error that's acceptable. (No, we don't skin you if you've got 105. Don't worry.)

+ Drabbles must feature FINAL FANTASY SEVEN characters. As in, unless there's a crossover theme, it's really only acceptable to be writing FFVII stuff, as the name would imply. Advent Children, Before Crisis, Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core*, and original game are all accepted undisputably as canon, and so allowed.

+ Please LJ-cut if there's more than one fic in a post, just for readability. Spoilers** or anything above PG should also be lj-cut.

+ Spamming, and rudeness to other members is not allowed.

+ Posts must consist of a drabble. While giving a header or footnote is acceptable, please stay within reason. The point of this community is to display fics and if you care to make comments about the fic, it's best to LJ cut them.

*Of course, if you know enough about CC to be writing a drabble regarding it, you better share that information with me. =(

**Spoilers entail the following: I'm going to be honest here, as FFVII has been out so long, spoilers for the you-know-what that happens at the end of the first disk isn't really spoilerific anymore. Someone spoiled that to me six years ago in a pokemon chat room. But if you think people are gonna leap on you if you say something, then lj-cut it just in case.
HOWEVER, anything regarding the third or fourth Advent Children trailer IS a spoiler. That means (but isn't limited to) who the guy in the white cloak is, or who speaks at the end of the trailer, or what the bandages mean. Geostigma/SSS is probably slightly spoilerific too, depending what you're saying about it. Keep in mind that the only reason that many FFVII fans are trying to keep themselves in the dark, despite Squeenix shoving spoilers at us as fast as they can.