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26 September 2005 @ 10:12 pm
Introduction... and why yes, I am a Cid fan.  
I'm new to this community, though I used to post on ff_drabble as nerutenkaze. Advent Children has re-awakened my passion for FFVII, especially its' badass, potty-mouthed pilot.

It seems that the majority of drabbles are just written to capture a single moment in time. I tend to think of mine as seeds for longer stories. Of course these stories don't get written... mainly because I have the attention span of a gnat. But I always find myself needing to establish a backstory, even if I am only allowed 100-200 words. I don't know if I'm crazy or what. So please, tell me what you think!

I'm sorry that these aren't in response to the current challenge! And no, there aren't any AC spoilers in here. The first was written for this community, while the second two were for ff_drabble.


He took a deep breath and smoothed his pilot's jacket-- blood-stained, mako-stained, dirt-stained, and he didn't know what else. Still, he wanted to look presentable when Shera opened the door.

It had been a week and a half since the Highwind broke down just south of Nibelheim and he'd hiked the rest of the way with the ship's skeleton crew, who fortunately hailed from Rocket Town anyway. Good kids, Cid thought. Bet they're glad this shit's finally over.

After a couple more seconds of brushing and straightening himself, he knocked. He heard heavy footsteps rushing to the door, and open it swung to reveal Palmer.



I Listen To Your Sleep

Cid sat by the wooden frame of the bed, nice for an inn, he thought to himself. The sheer yellow drapes sighed with the fresh breeze through the open windows. Cid didn't have a clue what time of day it was, but he had a feeling that it was either morning or close to twilight, from the way restless shadows and filtered light played upon the room. Cid had just gotten dressed after taking a long shower. Barret told him he'd had been asleep for twenty-someodd hours. But Cloud was still out cold, his chest rising and falling silently beneath the layers of blankets, still neat from when Cid first tucked him into bed.

He didn't remember what town they'd decided to stay the night in. Cid remembered being scared out of his mind by Sephiroth, sick to his stomach over Meteor, and ultimately relieved when he saw the tendrils of lifestream erupt just in fucking time. Cid was still a bit nervous about looking out the window-- Barret said it was still hanging up there, right next to the moon, a divine insult to remain for millennia to come.


Cid tore a sheet out of a spiral-bound notebook and sat at the kitchen table. The flourescent light overhead buzzed and flickered. He’d considered changing the bulb weeks ago, but that wasn’t on his mind at the moment. He tapped his pencil on the table’s edge and set it down to light a fresh cigarette with the end of a nearly spent one. He didn’t realize his hands were shaking. He shoved the butt of the old cigarette in an overflowing ashtray and picked up the pencil again, held it to the paper as if to write something, and pressed the freshly sharpened tip hard against the paper. When the tip cracked off, he took his knife off his belt and began to sharpen the broken pencil.

The bulb overhead flashed and made a loud popping sound. Cid gently laid the knife and pencil down on the table. He sighed to himself, remembering that Shera had reminded him to replace the bulb earlier that day. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness in the room, he looked toward the window. It was a full moon, cold and white. Cid pushed the chair in, walked toward the front door, and opened it, careful not to make noise. The night in Rocket Town was silent, dry, and full of severe, still shadows.

As he looked to the sky his eyes adjusted and he saw more stars, tiny glowing specks making themselves clearer. And in that instant, Cid knew he had to help Avalanche if he ever wanted to see the stars again, to have another chance to see them firsthand, to someday point out the Ancients’ constellations to his children.

EDIT: I forgot that I'd written another one, though I'm not sure that it could be considered a "drabble" at 450 words: The Best-Laid Plans features Cid, takes place mid-FFVII, and is rated PG for swearing.