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01 September 2005 @ 11:34 pm
Wrote this in school the other day. Hope you like.

Rating: G?
Characters: Vincent/Lucrecia

Vincent shot the target with the remaining shots in his pistol, each shot through the head, and holstered his gun. His watch read 7:30 and so he picked up his things at his shooting station, and headed for the locker rooms. It took him nearly fifteen minutes to shower, and then change into his black suit. At 7:45 he nodded as he walked past Tseng who was coming into the Shin-Ra building as Vincent was leaving it. Vincent's shift was over and Tseng was coming in to replace him. He was happy that he was getting out early that night. he was going to see Lucrecia.

Jumping on to the train heading to Lucrecia's apartment, Vincent found a seat by the window. It only took 5 minutes to get to his stop, and at 7:55 the young TURK stepped off the platform, and headed down the dark street to his love's apartment building. At 7:58 he arrived outside the building which was pitch black, without a single light on inside.

In his hands he had a bouquet of flowers, wrapped up with a note inside. He had taken a long time to write his feelings in that note and couldn't wait for her to read it. While he thought of what he wrote and how she might act he didn't notice that his clock had struck 11 until he was taken out of his trance but a distant gunshot.

Looking down at his watch he was finally hit with the truth. She wasn't coming. Vincent turned back to the train with out any emotions on his face, his steps the only sound in the empty street. A few minutes later he arrived at the train, still holding the flowers in his hand. Waiting for the train he saw a mother with a young child following her. The train pulled into the station ten minutes later screeching to a halt. He waited for the people to come off the train before getting on. While he was waiting he heard the mother talking to her daughter.

"It's ok Aerith. I guess he isn't coming today either," she told her daughter and turned to walk away. Vincent quickly pulled his note form the flowers, and called out, "Excuse me miss!" to the mother and tossed her the flowers just as the door swished close in front of his face. Most likely the woman tried to thank him, but Vincent became lost in his thoughts again as he stared out the window.

Vincent thought about the note he had written, going over it again in his mind. Just because she didn't show up doesn't mean she doesn't love me, he thought to himself. Besides, this only happened three times. I'm sure she'll show up next time when she says she will. Vincent rode the train back to his apartment, telling himself that she would show up next time.

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